Air Conditioning

What We Offer


Depending on the style of unit these can be fitted in most places to suit your needs and can replace bulky and inefficient radiators. Offering a tremendous energy saving when compared to any other source of heating/cooling offering a COP (Coefficient Of Performance) of around 3.5 under normal conditions, which means for every KW of electricity used they can produce 3.5KW of heating/cooling making them around 260% more efficient than your standard gas boiler. Designed to run Silently, causing minimal noise whilst having an instant effect on room temperature instead of having to wait on timer programs to heat rooms before use, the effects of air conditioning units can be felt immediately.


Commercial Air-Conditioning can incorporate every style of unit so selection is down to the individual area requirements, These can be done in a large single system with group control for large open plan areas where the demand is always going to be identical or individual control for multiple separate areas where different temperatures are required. State of the art controllers allow detailed timers to be setup so a full automatic heating / cooling system is achievable throughout the year.

Server / Data Room Cooling

Sever room cooling is a critical part of any business and the plant needs to be kept in the best condition; there are many different ways of cooling your areas from a standard Air conditioning unit for smaller rooms to close control purpose built units to handle big heat loads for the larger server rooms. Close control unit can work in a variety of ways from using a false floor to circulate cooling air to cooling individual sealed cabinets saving the effort of cooling the entire room. Free cooling is an option available with certain units where they can utilise the external cold air during the winter months to save running costs by rejecting the produced heat directly outside.